Sports Card Grading Explained

Grading cards can be subjective, so collectors use a uniform set of set of standards to value cards. The grades used range from "poor" to "gem mint." The grading scale outlined below can be used to ascertain a card's condition. 

Poor, Good, or Fair 
Cards in this condition are worn, and may have creasing, faded color, and worn edges.

Very Good (VG) 
Cards in this condition have centering that is 80/20 or better, worn edges, or hairline creases.

Excellent (EX) 
Centering is 75/25 or better.  Minor wear on the corners is allowed. The color might be slightly faded, have a print spot or other small imperfections.

Excellent Mint (EX-MT) 
Centering is 70/30 or better. Cards in this condition can have minor imperfections like faded color, rounded corners, print spots.  No more than two of these imperfections are allowed for cards in this grade.

Near Mint (NM) 
Centering is 65/35 or better.  These cards are scrutinized more closely. They can only have one minor imperfection, such as slight fading, minor print spots, and minimal corner wear.

Near Mint-Mint (NRMT-MT)  
Centering is 60/40 or better.  Cards in this grade require scrutiny not typically seen by the naked eye.  The card will exhibit original borders and surfaces but might show signs of minor wear under magnification.

Mint (MT) 
Cards in this grade are perfect and show no imperfections whatsoever.  Centering is 55/45 or better.

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