2013 Leaf Power Showcase Longball Autographs Green #JR1 Jake Rosenberg 05/10

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When you hold one of our baseball cards, you can almost hear the scratching of the umpire's whisk on home plate as he clears the dust away. In the outer reaches of your mind, you can hear, "Beer, here beer," or, "Get your fresh, hot roasted peanuts here!" Pencils in hand, the guy with the programs says, "... Can't tell the players without a program. Here's a pencil to keep score." You might even smell the neatsfoot oil on the first baseman's glove as you peruse our collection of magnificent baseball cards.


1. We want you to enjoy your baseball cards as much as we do, which is why we offer an ironclad money-back guarantee. Just return whatever doesn’t fit your offensive or defensive scheme, and we’ll return your money.

2. It’s hard to see a baseball card in a photograph. Both details and condition are lost. That’s why we scan every card we sell so that you can see just what is what.

3. Don’t go broke on shipping. For any amount up to $100, we ship for just $2.99. For orders over $100, we ship USPS Priority for free.

4. We’re always there and believe in straightforward, honest communication. We aim to answer all calls and emails within an hour, and you’ll never have to wait more than 24 hours even during the busiest of times.

5. We don’t just pick prices out of thin air. We rely on the official pricing on Beckett.com. We know that discerning collectors like you don’t trust obscure lists from websites of which no one has ever heard. Each price we provide comes directly from Beckett’s online price guide.

Even so, Beckett is the "regular retail price." Hah, we bet you said that in Drew Carey’s voice! We also know that most people won’t pay full retail for anything. Therefore, we’re not afraid of a little haggling. No reasonable offer will be refused. In our experience, half of Beckett’s price is the going rate. Depending on the card, we’re down with that. For example, ultra-high-end cards will be close to non-negotiable. At the other end of the spectrum, common cards are less than a dime a dozen. We’re not stubborn. We’re flexible instead.

If the listed price is all right with you, great! If not, we give you a "Make an Offer" button whereby you can submit what you think is a fair offer. We’ll determine whether or not it’s reasonable, and if it is, we’ll shake hands virtually and close the deal. You’ll never have to suffer the indignity of, "Don’t make me laugh!" or, "Is that an offer or a joke?" That’s childish and condescending. We prefer being grown-ups. Trust us. We know baseball cards, and we will always strive to deliver the kind of customer service you deserve.