2015 Topps Definitive Collection Jumbo Patch Collection Pink #JPCDP DeVante Parker PSA 10 03/10 RC

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Powerful bands play the fight songs of the past in your mind’s eye, and you hear the swish of pom-poms and the piercing voices of spirited cheerleaders. The tickling frost of a late-autumn breeze entices you to zip up just a little tighter. The beer is as cold as the zephyr, and the sauerkraut, mustard, and hot dogs set your tummy a-rumblin’. You hear the unison grunts of enthusiastic players and see the flashing cleats of the fleetest of feet. You might not really be in the huddle, but you can get the ephemeral feel of fourth-quarter glory and the tense excitement of approaching the line of scrimmage. Stadium beers might be $10, but our football cards will bring you "almost" there for just five bucks.


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